Before applying for an Authority to Operate (ATO) under a General Permit, please read the following instructions.

  • Review the General Permit before applying for an ATO, especially the Applicability Criteria section.  You must meet the applicability criteria to qualify for an ATO. If your facility emits regulated pollutants through equipment/activities other than those covered by the General Permit, you cannot be approved for an ATO relating to that permit.
  • If your facility does not qualify for an ATO, you may apply for a Minor Source Permit under Section 12.1 of the Air Quality Regulations.
  • This tool will complete your ATO application by having you answer a few questions.  You must answer all questions for the application to be complete.  Fields highlighted in red have to be filled in. The information you enter is automatically saved when you move to the next field.
  • Place your computer’s cursor over the blue information to see additional information and instructions.
  • Your completed application will appear after working your way through all the tabs.  We strongly recommend reviewing the application form.  If you already know all of your information, you can go directly to the form by selecting the “Application Form” tab at the top of the screen and fill it out there.
  • When your application is complete, select “Print” at the top of the “Application Form” tab.  Make sure you have entered all the necessary information before printing the form. (You can also use the print function to save an electronic copy through your computer’s print options.)
  • A responsible official must sign the application form before it can be submitted.
  • Submit the signed application form to the Department of Environment & Sustainability, Division of Air Quality.  All applications must include the permit application filing fee (ANAP01 or ANAP02).
  • Applications for an ATO will be processed as expeditiously as possible, but a final decision may take up to 60 days after DAQ receives the application.